Hit and Run Injury Claims and Civil Liability

Hit and incidents are not only considered regular traffic accidents, there are legal consequences that can be severe for those who commit them. In order to understand the legal consequences of a hit and run accident, Williams Kherkher explains that when motorists are involved in any type of traffic accident, they have certain duties that they are required to perform. Motorists who have been in an accident that involved an injury – even minimum ones – are generally required by the state to contact emergency services, although this all depends on the state laws. There are others that would require more actions, such as transporting the injured victim to the hospital.

Serious injuries and property damages also require the uninjured driver to call the authorities. Just as important is the need to exchange contact and insurance information, and these would require both parties are at the scene. Those who have injured due to hit and run accidents will have the right to recover punitive damages from the offending party. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the reckless driver is the only way for an injured plaintiff to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages like pain and suffering that was directly caused by the reckless actions of the defendant.

The amount for punitive damages is not only made in order to further punish the defendant, it is generally computed in accordance to the defendant’s lack of morality. As direct punishment for the defendant’s actions, the punitive damages would depend on the income; the richer the defendant is, the higher the punitive damage will be given. Even when the accident is not committed intentionally, if the defendant fled the scene of the accident, they will be held liable for punitive damages especially if it was proven in court that fleeing the scene was indeed intentional.

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