The Reality of Motorcycle Accidents

Most states require motorcycle riders to wear regulation helmets, bright clothing, and safety gear when they go out on the open road because they are much more vulnerable to accidents than regular motorists or even pedestrians. This is primarily because aside from the lack of infrastructure protection, motorcycles can go at high speeds, exponentially increasing the operator’s chances of a brutal accident and serious injury, if not death. As pointed out on the Evans Moore, LLC website, motorcycle riders are statistically more than 30 times more likely to get injured or die in a vehicular accident than a motorist. That’s a sobering thought.

What is more sobering is that no matter how diligent and careful a motorcycle operator is, he or she is virtually at the mercy of the other vehicles they encounter on the road. If a motorist sideswipes a motorcycle rider, accidentally or deliberately, you can be sure that the motorcycle rider will go down.

Consider the statistics in Tennessee: there were 134 motorcycle fatalities in 2013, only 6 of which were not wearing a helmet. This is a slight improvement over 2012, where 139 died, 8 of which were not wearing helmets. This indicates that motorcyclists in Tennessee are generally careful, and yet they still fall victim to accidents. In one recent incident, a man and his wife on a motorcycle were struck by a motorist who failed to yield. The motorist sustained no injuries but the motorcyclists sustained serious injuries which eventually proved fatal for the man.

It is tragic but the reality is every time you mount a motorcycle, there is a high risk that you will not get off on your own steam, whether through your own fault or another party’s negligence. If you sustained serious injuries because of the latter, you may at least be able to get compensated for your pain and suffering. Consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Tennessee for legal advice and assistance.

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