Pedestrian Accidents

Dealing with cars as a pedestrian is an unwelcome, but required hazard that comes with walking the sidewalks that are right next to roads. Cars pose a huge threat to pedestrians, making cross walks completely necessary. Even if a pedestrian takes the proper steps to be safe, the size and weight of a car can still cause serious injuries and trauma if an accident takes place. Along with the physical pain caused by these accidents, the emotional and financial strain on a victim is often unmatched by other kinds of collisions.

Under the law, pedestrians have the right of way. When cars fail to abide by this, the consequences can be disastrous. One of the most common causes of a pedestrian-vehicle accident is a car running through a crosswalk, according to the website of Crowe Mulvey. Whether a car was trying to make a red light or was simply being careless, speeding through a crosswalk can cause horrifying collisions. A driver speeding through a school-zone or residential area can have similar effects, as these areas have heavy pedestrian traffic. Parking lots can also see numerous amounts of people walking through the area. If a driver does not take the proper caution in these areas, the chances of an accident increase significantly. Other negligent actions that can cause a pedestrian accident would be the driver texting, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and ignoring traffic signals and signs.

When a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, the victim simply has no line of defense against such a large and heavy object. This makes these accidents some of the worst and devastating we see. No matter the cause, the consequences can be disastrous and life-changing for those involved.

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