Staying Safe In An Assisted Living Facility

Residents of an assisted living facility are always offered a nourishing environment that would provide them with the best during their retirement years. In order to ensure that your senior loved one will have the best experience in their assisted living facility, here are some key pointed to keep to help keep your loved ones safe and secured while staying in their assisted living facility.

First, make sure that the facility that you choose is clean and free of clutter. Make sure the electrical wires and other objects that could cause trips and falls are put away, and remove anything that can become a safety risk to your loved one. Next, see what type of assistance your loved ones need. It’s recommended that you check on your loved ones and observe their daily activities; determine which area they might need assistance with since this will point out which aspect of their life needs assistance. This will greatly help them make their living in the facility easier and more comfortable.

Another concern is the emergency plan, where you have to make sure that there is a comprehensive safety plan that you and your loved one has clear understanding of in case of emergencies. Ensure that you review and (whenever possible) practice these procedures with your senior loved ones so that they wont panic and know what to do in times of danger. Check the detectors, especially in their private rooms, to ensure that they are working properly and should any accident occur, determine whether your loved one can easily reach the call button so that the staff can be alerted of the problem. There are options such as having call button on their neck or wrist if you feel that they really need it.

It is important that you assess and assure that the assisted living facility that you put your senior loved one into not only comfortable and engaging, but also safe. Security is very important feature in assisted living facilities because the residents are all seniors with specific needs. Give comfort and peace of mind to your loved ones by making sure their residence is both enjoyable and protected.

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