Passion and Integrity in Law: The John Eddie Williams, Jr. Story

Graduating as cum laude from Baylor University in 1976 and as first in his class from Baylor University School of Law in 1978, anyone could have expected for John Eddie Williams, Jr. to have just gone the easy route out. Many practitioners of the law have shown more interest in playing the game or making money, but Williams has proven time and time again that justice – even for the little guy – can and will always prevail.

Though tempted by the corporate industry, with first working for an impressive firm that mainly handled a more prestigious clientele made of bigger companies, Williams found more solace in starting up his own firm so that he can defend “the good guys” again from the bad guys. Since he grew up with a father and a grandfather who were both union longshoremen, he has always had a compassionate heart that called to defend the rights of individual workers who might have been wronged by these bigger corporations.

His efforts have been fruitful as he even represented the state of Texas against the tobacco industry, which resulted into the largest settlement known in the history of the United States of America. He has also handled cases that involve pharmaceutical defects or catastrophic injuries. Williams even handles major plant explosion cases, his service then allowing for a family to receive $117 million in compensation for the damages done unto them.

Dedicated and unafraid of difficult cases, Williams goes on record to say: “The tougher and bigger the opposition, the better for our firm; we get completely fired up for a good legal battle.”

A man of the people and for the people, he and his wife, Sheridan, make regular donations with their community, and more notably have made largest contributions to the almost 100 year old caused, the Houston Chronicle Goodfellows Fund, over the last two years.

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Marseille: Pigs in the City

Marseille is being overrun by wild boars from a nearby national park.

The boar population of Calanques national park has been growing steadily as the animals are prohibited from being hunted and their population has not been culled in more than three years. The boar population has also been blessed by the fact that there are no natural predators to these boars in their protected home in the park.

The boars have been problematic for the city. Wild boars have been seen knocking over trash bins and making a general mess of things for weeks now. One woman was even bitten by a boar while trying to feed the beast. This is unsustainable and the government needs to change something. The boars are a noisy, messy nuisance. In all seriousness, we should all be eating boar for dinner for the next few weeks. A delicious solution!

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Down with the pigs!

Give me back my city!

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