Protecting Yourself From Lawsuits

It may sound absurd, but a scraped knee really can lead to a lawsuit. Americans are notoriously touchy about issues of private property and personal responsibility. They also have a quick trigger finger when it comes to lawsuits. All that can mean that the littlest incident can lead to a massive suit.

Consider the famous example of the woman who spilled coffee on herself an blamed McDonald’s. The law was set up in such a way that she was able to successfully claim McDonald’s was a fault because the coffee was hotter than it should have been, and she had not been properly warned about that fact.

The fact that she had acted foolishly in keeping coffee between her legs was not an important enough fact to save McDonald’s.

Similarly, a neighborhood child who falls off his or her bike and skins their knee on your property could, in fact, cry to Mommy and Daddy and get them to sue you. And you would be at fault as well if you had not taken care to keep the sidewalks clear of items that might lead to that fall.

While a skinned knee would probably get dismissed from court, more serious accidents (say if the kid required surgery for some injury) may not be.

This all goes to say, everyone needs to be careful and know exactly where the law leaves them exposed. How many of us have left objects out on the sidewalk without thinking? A garden hose, perhaps a lawn gnome we intend to move, it could be anything. How many of us leave the bumper of our cars trailing out in the sidewalk area? How many of us are slow to clear the snow after it falls, even after our neighbors got up early and did so?

All those situations could leave us exposed to lawsuits if someone hurt themselves on our patch of cement.

While that may seem unlikely, the fact is it happens every day. Should our neighbors be as touchy and trigger-happy about lawsuits as some people in this country, we could be in for massive legal bills and perhaps an equally massive settlement.

The only way to avoid these issues is to be particularly quick to take care of these issues. Don’t sleep in, go clear the snow. Don’t leave the lawn gnome out there. Repark your car. Otherwise, go live out in the country where you have no neighbors or in the city where the sidewalks are maintained by the city.

There are just no other options. And this is by no means the limit of where you may be liable for accidents others have. There is any number of ways you could find yourself in legal trouble, even when you weren’t present.

It’s important to read up on the potential personal injuries others can sustain so as to protect yourself from any future potential lawsuits. That’s just the country we live in these days.

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Police Misconduct: Examples of the Unlawful Abuse of Power

Police officers hold a lot of power as enforcers of the law. They are expected to wield this power responsibly, setting aside any personal biases and prejudice when performing their duties. This point, in particular, is becoming an important topic of discourse considering the large-scale, nationwide protests against police misconduct.

In May 2015, The Washington Post came out with data sourced from interviews, police reports, and local news account regarding occurrences of police misconduct all over the country. Based on their findings, it was found that there had been 385 fatal shootings by police at the time of the survey. One in every six of these fatalities involved individuals that were either unarmed or where carrying a toy gun. In the same report, The Washington Post established that, in terms of race, black Americans were killed at thrice the rate of fatalities for whites and other minorities. Similarly, it was found that a quarter of the shooting fatalities were known to be mentally ill.

These fatal shootings involving unarmed individuals are an example of police brutality, which is just one of the many kinds of illegal and unethical practices that some officers take part in. Police brutality encompasses the use of intimidation and verbal abuse, as well as the use of excessive force. That certain minorities are more likely to fall victim to these instances of police brutality is another example of officer misconduct. Police discrimination includes racial profiling.

Other common cases of police misconduct include sexual harassment, wrongful arrests and detention, and denying suspects from receiving emergency medical care. According to Evans Moore, LLC, all these instances are recognized by the law as explicit violations of civil rights and liberties. Committing acts of police misconduct can leave officers vulnerable to disciplinary action, as well as both civil and criminal legal action.

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Tips For Making Your Boating Trip Safe

Boating provides us with an opportunity to appreciate the wonders of the sea and other bodies of water. A boat trip can be fun and enjoyable but when someone gets hurt, the thrill of the experience will disappear. According to the website of Ali Mokaram, injuries in boating accidents can be particularly grievous and could even lead to death. Here are some tips on how you can keep your boating trip safe:

  1. Be Weather Conscious
    Prior to your boat trip, check local weather conditions. You can check the forecast from the TV and radio. If you see dark clouds and changing wind conditions, it is best to postpone your trip to some other day.
  2. Maintain a Pre-Departure Checklist
    Boating safety includes planning for any possibilities in the water. By preparing a pre-departure checklist, you can always ensure the safety of your trip. This will ensure that everything is covered.
  3. Use Common Sense
    Boating sensibly means maintaining a safe speed, staying alert all the time, and staying away from large vessels and watercraft. Also watch out for buoys and other navigational aids, which are designed to keep you safe when in the water.
  4. Wear Lifejackets
    Most drowning victims are due to not wearing lifejackets. So make sure that you have them on your boat before departure.
  5. Don’t Drink Alcohol
    Same as driving, if you plan to go boating, stay away from alcohol. Alcoholic beverages increase the possibility of boating incidents and studies revealed that the effects of alcohol can be aggravated by the sun and wind.
  6. Learn Swimming
    Learning how to swim will help keep you safe when boating. Different organizations such as the American Red Cross offer training for different ages and skills.
  7. Have Your Boat Inspected
    The US Coast Guard can help you conduct a safety check for your boat. They can conduct complimentary boat examinations and confirm if there are safety equipment in your boat as required by state and Federal regulations.

Keep these tips in mind and you can be sure of a safe boating experience during your trip.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Dealing with cars as a pedestrian is an unwelcome, but required hazard that comes with walking the sidewalks that are right next to roads. Cars pose a huge threat to pedestrians, making cross walks completely necessary. Even if a pedestrian takes the proper steps to be safe, the size and weight of a car can still cause serious injuries and trauma if an accident takes place. Along with the physical pain caused by these accidents, the emotional and financial strain on a victim is often unmatched by other kinds of collisions.

Under the law, pedestrians have the right of way. When cars fail to abide by this, the consequences can be disastrous. One of the most common causes of a pedestrian-vehicle accident is a car running through a crosswalk, according to the website of Crowe Mulvey. Whether a car was trying to make a red light or was simply being careless, speeding through a crosswalk can cause horrifying collisions. A driver speeding through a school-zone or residential area can have similar effects, as these areas have heavy pedestrian traffic. Parking lots can also see numerous amounts of people walking through the area. If a driver does not take the proper caution in these areas, the chances of an accident increase significantly. Other negligent actions that can cause a pedestrian accident would be the driver texting, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and ignoring traffic signals and signs.

When a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, the victim simply has no line of defense against such a large and heavy object. This makes these accidents some of the worst and devastating we see. No matter the cause, the consequences can be disastrous and life-changing for those involved.

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Breaking Down the Debate: Is Zofran Safe for Pregnant Women?

A recent news report by Valley News Live brought attention to a 2-year-old girl named Arianah Reisen who was born with a congenital heart defect requiring her to undergo surgery. Her mother, Kylee Riesen, points to the drug Zofran as the main culprit. She tells the news outlet of the time she was prescribed the anti-nausea drug used to treat chemotherapy patients when she suffered from severe morning sickness.

Arianah’s mother isn’t alone in making this assertion. The Zofran lawyers of Williams Kherkher point out on their website that they have been investigating several other cases that show the possible links between the occurrence of serious fetal injuries and the use of Zofran during pregnancy. Aside from congenital heart defects, they found that Zofran could also lead to cleft lip and palate.

With potential risks like these, it’s easy to wonder why Zofran is still a common choice for morning sickness medication. A quick Google search will show conflicting messages about the safety of the drug. One news report will assert that Zofran is completely safe, while another will tell readers to be wary of its dangers. Is there a definitive answer that can end this debate and help ease the anxieties of worried mothers-to-be?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. While there have been plenty of reports circulating about the dangers of Zofran, the medical community has yet to find a conclusive answer that can help settle this debate. A lot of the scientific research examining the links between Zofran and birth defects has yielded different conclusions. For example, a study published by The College of Family Physicians of Canada in 2012 concluded that using the drug resulted in increased risk of major fetal malfunctions. On the other hand, a study commissioned by Danish Medical Research Council in 2013 found no sufficient evidence to link birth-related issues with the drug. In the same year,

Despite the lack of a conclusive answer, it’s best for pregnant women to err on the side of caution. As a safety precaution, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement warning the public about potential safety issues concerning the drug. It’s important to note that taking Zofran during pregnancy counts as “off-label use”, meaning it was never approved by the FDA for this specific purpose. Medical professionals suggest alternative treatments to treat their symptoms. If you are suffering from severe morning sickness, talk to your doctor about options aside from Zofran.

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